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The Viking Burger

The Viking Burger is a burger for the man or woman who wants to test the "barbaric nature" of attacking a meal that challenges every persons appettite.


1/2 Lb. of lean ground beef
salt pepper
garlic powder
american cheese
swiss cheese
6) 1/2' pcs. of steak 
steak sauce
sesame seed
melted butter w/garlic powder added
pickle spear


form patty w/ 1/2lb of beef drizzle w/melted butter and garlic powder and season beef w/salt,pepper,garlic powder mixture and flip patty on seasoned side down to cook. place on grill. while patty is cooking put onions & mushrooms on grill and drizzle w/butter/garlic powder to sautee. also put pieces of steak on grill and cook to medium rare. just before you flip patty season w/butter and salt,pepper,garlic powder mixture. Place bun, after brushing with butter open side down to toast it. then flip patty. place pieces of steak on top of patty w/ a little steak sauce and top w/american cheese slice. as burger finishes cooking put grilled onions and mushrooms on top of burger w/a piece of swiss cheese on top take bottom of bun and put on plate. place burger on bun bottom that is really loaded and stacked high. drizzle a little more steak sauce on top and top that with a slice of fresh tomato and a leaf or two of lettuce. Place bun on top. Put a knife thru the top down the center and garnish with a pickle spear.


This burger is named for the local high school (Villa-Angela/St.Joseph). It's a great burger with a unique combination and taste. Enjoy.