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The Ultimate Turkey Burger

This is not just "The Ultimate Turkey Burger"..this is "The Ultimate Burger" A few years ago, I decided to stop buying Ground Beef and replace it with Ground Turkey. I made "Burgers" one night and my boyfriend raved about how good they were. He had no idea I used Turkey, and even after I told him, he did not believe me. After a bit of convincing...he said "WOW, I would have never thought a Turkey Burger would have tasted so GOOD" If I can convince a man that was raised in Chicago, who thought Turkey Burgers were only a myth, I think I could convince anyone. This is "The Ultimate Burger"


1. Ground Turkey
2. Sea Salt
3. Pepper
4. Shallot, grated
5. Olive Oil
6. Dijon Mustard
7. Munster Cheese
8. Mayonnaise
9. Romaine Lettuce
10. Black Olive Tapenade
11. Sourdough Bread
12. Butter
13. Parmesan Cheese
**I did not add measurements. I would be willing to do so upon request.


1. Preheat or light cooking device. (Indoor grill, grill pan or BBQ would work best) 2. In a bowl combine Turkey, Salt, Pepper, Shallot, Olive Oil, Dijon Mustard and mix together. Can use your hands or your favorite utensil for mixing, just becareful and do not over work the mixture. 3. Make patties from the mixture. Size and shape depends on preference. 4. Place patties on grill. 5. Take the Sourdough Bread, lay out on a cookie sheet and make two rows.(Two pieces of bread per person) Brush one side with melted Butter and sprinkle with Parmesan Cheese, keep this side face up. 6. When Burgers are just about done, add the Munster Cheese to the Burgers. And, place Bread, Butter and Cheese side down on grill. Then brush other side with Butter, flip back and forth so the Bread and Cheese will get nice and toasted to a golden brown. 7. When removing the Burgers and the Bread from the grill, make sure and place on separate trays or cookie sheets. (Burgers on one and Bread on another) 8. Time to assemble Burgers! Lay Bread, Cheese side down (so the Cheese will be on the outside of the Burger) Spread a little Mayonnaise on two pieces of Bread (opposite Cheese side) Then spread a bit of the Tapenade on one of the pieces. Place Turkey Patty on top of the Tapenade, put the Romaine Lettuce on top of the Patty, then place the other piece of Bread on top. Cut in half and serve immediately.


Ground meat does cook fairly fast, so keep a close eye on your burgers. Cooking time will vary depending on the size of the patties. Keeping the Burgers away from the Bread, until ready to assemble, will keep the Bread from getting soggy and insures a crunchy bite. Could garnish with Black or Green Olives Thank you!!