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The patriot burger

I would like to introduce you to the area in which I live...we are in Upstate NY by the Vermont border...because of our geographical location and the impressive LOCAL products we have here...I came up with the perfect burger using what we have "in our backyard". New York is famous for apples, maple syrup and why not use those ingredients when making my burger? We are very proud of our produce I hope you enjoy the tastes from our area.


85% lean ground round {2.5lb pkg} to make 1/3 lb burgers per serving.
1/4 tsp celery salt
1/2 tsp hot sauce
one large vidala or walla walla onion sliced thick.{about 1/4" thick} Granny Smith apples{peeled} and sliced thick {1/4" inch thick}
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice to marinate apple slices
Maple syrup-grade B-- 1/2 cup to marinate onion slices.
Smoked swiss cheese- one large slice per burger
2 slices of cooked bacon for each burger
hot pepper sauce {added after burgers are cooked-about 5 drops per burger}
one package onion hamburger rolls


I keep this pretty simple: mix hamburger meat with celery salt and hot sauce. Form into 1/3 lb burgers{big enough to cover the width of bun}. Slice your onions and put into a flat pan and cover with maple syrup-let sit while you prepare your grill. Slice your peeled granny smiths and cover with lemon juice to marinate and keep from turning brown. slice your smoked swiss cheese to cover each burger assemble 2 slices of cooked bacon for each burger. Get your gas grill hot{medium to high heat} Put your onion slices on the hot grill to brown and wilt onions to sweeten them. takes about 2 mins on each side. Remove from grill and wait til burgers are finished... Cook your burgers to your liking...we like ours med-well.We add our swiss cheese after we turn the burger and it is almost done..takes about 6 mins.The cheese is nicely melted and we are ready to assemble the complete burger. Put the burger on the bottom of the bun add the drops of scotch bonnet sauce.Add two slices of cooked bacon to fit burger size. Add the raw apple slice and the wilted maple onion slice. We lightly toast our onion buns before assembling the burgers...makes it even better....


I did my best to explain this delicious recipe to you...I hardly ever cook with a specific is more a little of this and a little of that EXCEPT when i bake...then I am more exact. Anyway, I have given you all my ingredients for a delicious "local" burger...and hopefully, I was clear enough that your chefs can do it justice. The flavors combine simply but deliciously. We are definitely in a very historical area of the country; surrounded by Revolutionary War Battlefields and many monuments to our country's Patriots. It is because of these wonderful connections to our past that i thought it was fitting to give this burger the name " PATRIOT BURGER". I hope you enjoy the TASTE,UNIQUENESS, and VARIATION on this old favorite.