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The Mexcellent Cheeseburger

My original and refreshingly cool and mildly spicy Mexican flavored burger. Delicious, simple and quick to prepare. Recipe makes three cheeseburgers.


1 lb. fresh ground ribeye
3 tsps hot sauce
1 tsp salt
6 2"x4"x1/8" strips of Monterey Jack Cheese
3 large English muffins split
1 avocado sliced lengthwise
1 can whole mild green chiles
3 tsp Dijon mustard


Season ground beef with hot sauce and salt, mixing gently, then divide and lightly shape into three large patties. Cook 4 minutes per side over medium high heat. Add jack cheese strips in a criss-cross pattern on the burgers and let melt. At the same time, place English muffin halfs on the grill cut side down and toast. Plate the bottom English muffins. Open an avocado and remove pit. Slice into strips lengthwise. and put three 1/8" lengthwise strips of avocado on each bottom half of the English muffins and mash into the nooks and crannies with a fork. Place the finished cheeseburgers on the bottom halfs. Top each cheeseburger with one whole mild green chile. Spread one teaspoon of dijon mustard on the top half's cut side then cover and enjoy!


The English muffin and the layering serve to keep the cheeseburger and toppings from slip-sliding away during eating thanks to the nooks and crannies. Thank you for your consideration of my creation for the 2006 Build a Better Burger contest. This is my first ever contest submission. I'll have to try the wine pairing suggestions and practice, practice, practice my recipe in the meantime. All the best, Andy, Media, PA