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The J-Blair Burger

I developed this mouthwatering treat cooking for family & friends BBQ. These burgers have become the attraction of the party.


Lean Ground Beef
Egg Chopped
Onion Vidalia Preferred
Jack Daniels


Meat in a bowl Season Meat with Dry ingredients Add enough teriyaki to cover the meat but not too wet that meat falls apart add a touch of soy to counteract the sweet teriyaki Just add a dash of jack Daniels for a nice flavor. Add Chopped Onion Add egg (how many really depnds on the quantity of meat prepared) mix with hands thoroughly Create hearty patties Let sit a few minutes to hold together and throw on the grill!!!


I prepare this all from my head and have never measured the ingredients. Always making different amounts for different size parties. I would be happy to prepare a sample for your group. Dont hesitate to contact with questions