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I love to cook, but there is nothing more American than a good burger. I am sure there are as many recipes as there are cooks. I think it can be never be over glorified.


For Every pound of meat use
3/4 pd. of chopped ground beef 85% FAT FREE
1/4 pd. of ground pork
1 cup of pretzels with salt
2 tab. of red wine
2 tab. of virgin olive oil
2 tab. of ketchup
1 t of pepper
1 t of mustard
1 t of worcestershire sauce


place pretzels in blender, blend into crumbs. add all the above ingredients shape into burger size Grill on grill or fry on top of stove, 6 minutes on each side Add your favorite topping


When my burger is almost done I toast bun until it is blond in color, My favorite topping is a thin slice of buffalo mazzarella cheese and a beefsteak tomato broiled on the burger enough to melt the cheese, I you like you can toast your bun at the same time under the broiler.