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The CAV. Burger

For many years me and my family get together for a afternoon cookout and dad will bring his home made red dry wine. Ready for this. Home made sausage,home made (Cav.Burgers)home made semolina bread and fresh veg.&salad from the yard. Close your eyes and try to imagin this.A slice of homemade bread four to five leaves of arugula a 6OZ.of the CAV.sirloin burger topped W/parmegian provolone and mozzarella cheese melted all over the burger springled W/a splash or two of red crushed pepper freshly crushed plum tomato and everything you like on top. Served W/a avocado,fennel and raddish salad.PS.dont forget the other slice of bread.(I hope i wrote this right).


crushed red pepper,
provolole and mozzarella cheese.
Ground Sirloin,
red wine.
Olive oil,
salt pepper.


In a Frying pan w/1/2cup of olive oil.chop 2 lg.spanish onions Sm.diced sautee for 3min.Chop 2 whole heads of garlic extra SM.diced,add w/onions for an extra 2Min.Add 1/2 cup red dry wine 2TBS.of red crushed pepper sautee till wine is gone, remove from heat let stand till cold. Take 7 to 8 LBS.of Sirloin ground beef and add the sautee mixture W/an addition 1/2cup of red dry wine.Chop 5 mint leafs and abbout 20 basil leaves,grate the parmigian,provolone cheese and add to the meat.Now make a 6-7 OZ.round meatball and then squish it down W/your hands and make a nice burger.NOW GRILL UP that grill W/gas charcoal or even wood the way we used to.Reach that high temp.of 350 to 400 deg.(low flame please)and start cooking. Now its a tradition that we drink med. dry red wine while we cook an old Sicilian tradition.


I never done anything like this before, to tell you the truth i never wrote on a computer before (now let see one finger at a time) my kids got tired of waiting. I like to cook and i like to BBQ. every weekend. I hope you like my (CAV.Burger)It was invented while we where drinking a lot of wine.