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The Big Mo Burger

I threw some stuff together i had at home and after i tried it, I knew I had a great burger.


for six (6) burgers

(6) sourdough bun heels

(3) tablespoons guldens spicy brown mustard

-1/2 tablespoon for each burger

(6) slices American cheese

(6) beef patties

(3/4) teaspoon garlic pepper seasoning

-1/8 teaspoon per burger

(6) slices pepperjack cheese

(12) slices of bacon

-2 for each burger

(1 1/2) cup fried white mushrooms

- 1/2 cup per burger

(6) slices of tomato

(6) slices red onion

(6) romaine lettuce leaves

(6) sourdough bun crowns


butter and toast buns

begin frying bacon

season burger and place on char-grill

place 1/2 tablespoon guldens spicy brown mustard on heel of bun.

place 1 slice of American on heel of toasted bun.

grill burger to medium temperature.

while burger is still on grill, place 1 slice of pepperjack on burger.

place patty on American cheese.

place 2 slices of bacon on patty.

place 1/2 cup fried mushrooms on patty.

place 1 slice of red onion,

1 slice of tomato,

and one slice of romaine lettuce on top.

finish burger by placing the crown of the bun on top of burger.


Easy burger to make. It takes about 6-7 minutes to make. Everyone I've served this burger to absolutely loves it. The patty is a locally made burger. The area in which i live is very much into burgers and there are a few places who try to out do each other. I'm hoping my burger can get some attention and become a favorite for many people. I've never entered a contest of this sort so I hope the judges will like it.