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The Asian sensation lemon invasion

This simple and wonderful recipe came from my mother. My family came over to the United States from Vietnam twenty one years ago. Even now I am busy in school, I have time to make this wonderful burger. Family and food has always been an important part of by being, without food you would die. Why not make food taste good! My mother had to incorporate American and Asian taste buds together. What came out is a simple burger with an asian flair with sass.


1. 4 hamburger buns with semame
2. 2 cups of red and white cabbage (shredded very thin)
3. 2 table spoon of toasted sesame oil
4. 1 table spoon roasted sesame seed
5. juice of half a lemon
6 2 teaspoon of sugar
7. 1 lb sirlion beef burger meat
8. 2 oz of lemon grass herb blend (in the produce area)
9. garlic salt
10. black pepper
11. grated ginger
12. crush red pepper
13. Italian bread crumbs
14. Koeren BBQ marinade
15. Shitake mushroom
16. red onoins


Shred the red and white cabbage thin as possible. Combine the sherdded cabbage in a bowl with 2 tble spoon on toasted sesame oil &1 tble spoon of toasted sesame seeds&2 teaspoon of sugar& the juice of 1/2 of lemon. Get all of those ingredidants togeter and place if in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Get a large mixing bowl for the sirlion beef. Add the 1lb sirlion & 2 oz of lemon grass herb blend & 1 1/2 table spoon of garlic salt & 1 teaspoon of black pepper & 1 teaspoon of grated ginger & 2 pinches of red pepper flakes &2 table spoon of bread crumbs & 3 table spoons of Korean BBQ mix. Get the meat mixture incororate well. Make inch and a half patties with hands. You could sataue or grill it unit med. Sataue mushooms and onins until they are carmilized Building the burger: Take the slaw out of the frig and place on the bottom bud of the burger. Place patty on top of the slaw. Place onions and mushroom on top of the patty. Finally, place the top bun a enjoy


Everyone must experience the Asian sesention lemon invasion once. It will turn the beef world upside down with their mouths asking 'is there anymore" Thankyou Everymuch and have a yummy day! love, Tra Le