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the all american burger


2 lbs amer.kobe burger, grnd chuck 50/50
6 oz feta cheese
12 strips pepper bacon thin
6 kaiser buns
6 thinly sliced burmuda onions
6 slices organic heirloom tomato
thinly shredded romain lettuce
garlic finely chopped
sutter home pinot noir


lighltly knead ground meats together, roll into 6 equal balls & lightly press out patties, place on clean oiled grill (preferably on griddle to prevent flare ups and obtain max flavor, med high temp, grill till deep brown aprx 3-4 min, turn only once and grill till 160 degrees. just prior to taking off grill splash with pinot noir then top with feta & bacon place on rack to rest 1 min. lightly toast kaiser buns, top with ketchup/mayo/garlic blend, place burmuda onion, bacon-feta burger, sliced organic heirloom tomato & lettuce. Enjoy!


This recipe was uniquely designed to express the flavor of the american kobe blend burger.