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Thanksgiving Turkey Provolone Burger with Purple Grape and Cranberry Sauce

This time my inspiration came from my craving for a big ol’ stuffed turkey dinner with a side of cranberry without the wait. It stinks in the summer to have to turn on your oven for 4 hours. And the store brand cranberry sauce tends to leave a lot to be desired. My idea was to come up with an easy, delicious; no fuss and no hot oven meal. It leads us to this burger!


½ cup Sutter Home Cabernet Sauvignon Wine

1 1/4 cups halved purple grapes

½ cup dried cranberry

1 tbsp. grated garlic

1 tsp. vanilla

½ tsp. salt

2 lbs. ground turkey

3 beaten eggs

6 oz. turkey flavor stuffing

5 tbsp. butter melted (not too hot)

½ cup buttermilk

6 sliced provolone cheese

6 Thomas’s Everything Bagel Thins


1. Preheat a closed grill to high heat.

2. In a 5 inch cast iron frying pan or one of comparable size mix wine, dried cranberries, vanilla, garlic, salt and cut grapes. Cover tightly with foil and let rest until the grill is at least 400 degrees.

3. In a large bowl whisk eggs, add stuffing, butter milk , meat and warm butter stir and let rest.

4. Put the tightly covered fruit sauce on preheated grill and cook for 5 minutes with grill closed.

5. Pierce holes in 1 foot of foil, spray heavily with cooking spray on the shiny side and lay it on a flat sheet pan oiled side up. Form six burgers and place them on the foil.

6. At the fruits’ 5 minute mark of cooking slide the burgers and the foil off the sheet pan onto the grill. Cook 10 minutes. Rotate foil a ½ turn to encourage cooking evenly.

7. Stir fruit and continue cooking after resealing tightly.

8. Flip burgers and rotate foil again, remove fruit from grill, stir and dump it into a glass oven safe dish. Recover fruit bowl lid tightly to rest. Close grill and continue cooking burgers up to 8 more minutes.

9. Toast bagels.

10. Serve burger with a slice provolone cheese and ¼ cup grape cranberry fruit sauce on each.


The reason I had you switch the fruit sauce over to a glass dish is because the taste of metal tends to leach into the food items when they sit prolonged periods of time in cast iron. This is especially true for acidic items. Never store food in a cast iron pan. Also it was 59 degrees out on Aug. 16th! So if it is a lot warmer when you are cooking please reduce the cooking time to less due to faster cooking. PS for some reason only my cell number came up on the final draft. My home number is (603) 487-1255. Thank you!