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Thaistier Burger

Asian food is starting to take a real foot hold in the americna food world. The Country was built by immigrants and is strong through the variety of cultutes that have helped make this the country it is. Anything that can enhance an american original is a great American burger!


Coconut milk
Sesame seed dusted burger buns
Ground beef
Salt and Pepper
Peanut butter
Yellow curry mayonnaise
Fired potatoes
Fried red and Green peppers
Fried red onions
Shredded Bok choy
Torn Fresh Corriander


Soak the burger buns in Coconut milk
form the beef patties into 1/3 lb patties through mixing with salt and pepper and egg yolk.
rebake buns and then lightly toast on grill
fry onions, peppers and potatoes
smother the base of the bun with peanut butter
add the beef patty
Place the fried vegetables on the patty
Add the yellow curry mayonnaise
Sprinkle with corriander and put on shredded bok choy


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