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Tex Mex Surprise

The spicier the better! Kick up the heat with this one!


1 1/2 lbs Fresh ground chop sirloin
3-4 Fresh jalepenos finely chopped ( jar is okay with fresh not available
6 Slices monteray jack cheese
Arugula ( optional)
1/2 C fresh pico de gallo
5- 6 Sliced kaiser rolls


Chop jalepenos and mix in with ground sirloin. Add salt & pepper to taste. Grill over gas but tastiest method is over mesquite chips. Grill to diner's preference of doneness. Add cheese 30 seconds prior to pulling off grill. Top burger with arugula and 1 tsp of pico de gallo. Serve with fresh sangria for a Tex mEx flair. Non alcoholic options serve with Prickly pear ice tea.