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Tex Mex Grilled Cilantro Onion Burger

Tex Mex Grilled Cilantro Onion Burger with a hint of lime , great with Iced Tea or with a Corona Beer.


1/2 lb. of spiced beef
Grilled Cilantro and Onions
Green Leaf Lettuce
Tomatoes Poppy seed bun or Wheat bun
Hint of lime


Prep and spice beef Cut and grill cilantro and onions in olive oil Grill Burger to your desire Prepare Burger with Mayo & Mustard Add Tomatoes and Green Leaf Lettuce Hint of Lime on top of Grilled Cilantro & Onions Bun of your choice Poppy Seed or Wheat


This burger is really Tex Mex , it has a very distinctive flavors of the South, It is a great summer lite burger.