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Sweet Beef Burgers

This is a switch to the tasteless burgers normally done on a grill without care and preparation.


2lbs of Beef Chuck
1 Sweet Bermuda Onions or Vadalia
1 Table spoon fresh minced garlic
1 Table Spoon of Brown Sugar
1 Table Spoon of parsely
1 Table Spoon of Basil
1/2 teaspoon of hot pepper
4 tbls Worchester Sauce
4 tbls Teriaki Sauce
Oil for rack
Spray on non-stick
Fresh Rolls
Slices of pineapple


1. Pre heat Grill to about 350 degrees 2. Mix the beef with, garlic, brown sugar, parsely, basil, pepper and chopped onions. Mix well with hands. 3. Add in the hot pepper, Worchester Sauce and Terriaki Sauce and mix in good. 4. Cover for about 10 mins in a covered bowl 5. Make small balls of meat by rolling it up in hand about3 inches round. 6. Flaten down to 1/2 inches 7. Spray on non stick to grill top 8. Put on grill cook and turn until desired way. Add on pineapple slices and cover grill fror about 5 mins 9. Take off grill put on fresh buns and add condiments as needed


This turns out to be a very tasty hamburger that is a cut above the rest.