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sweet and spicy burger

very easy to prepare, not too many ingredients, but what is in it, is full of flavor and distinctly different tastes that blend well together.


1 lb ground round
1 can medium rotel salsa drained well
1/4 cup mexican blended cheeses
1/12 tsp steak seasoning
1/4 cup grey poupon mustard
fresh and chewy kaiser rolls
1 can pineapple rings
olive oil
1tsp brown sugar


mix ground round, completely drained rotel with the mexican cheese, steak seasoning and mustard. allow to marinate at least 1 hour. form into ham. patties and grill until medium. allow 1 pineapple slice for each burger and coat with brown sugar and olive oil mix. grill over medium heat while burgers are finishing up. place hamburger patties on fresh chewy kaiser roll bottom, top with grilled pineapple ring and top with the kaiser top.


really good, a little kick that makes you wonder what is that?? (actually no one ever guesses its the mustard that gives that extra little kick)