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Sweet Almond Crunch Kimche Burgers

This is the most flavorful, easy-to-prepare gourmet burger you’ll ever make! Spicy-cool slaw tops this lightly sweet, humongous beef burger that is accented with toasted salad accent bits that add crunch and a touch of smoke flavor.


Sesame oil for brushing grill
Burger Ingredients
4 lbs freshly ground chuck
2 T sesame oil
¼ c dark soy sauce
¼ c honey
2 T grated, fresh ginger root
Slaw Topping Ingredients
2 c kimche
1 c Asian Sesame Salad Accents
Finishing Sesame oil for brushing
6 fresh, sesame-topped Kaiser rolls, split


Brush grill with sesame oil. Set grill temperature to med-high and close lid. In chilled, large glass or ceramic bowl, gently combine ground chuck, sesame oil, soy sauce, honey, and ginger root. Shape into six patties and place on heated, oiled grill rack (rack closest to the flame). Close the lid, (checking every couple minutes), grill until bottoms are grill-marked, then turn. Again, cook until grill marks appear. Check inside temperature of patties. When temperature reaches 160 degrees, remove from grill (15 minutes total time) Load a brush with sesame oil and slather the spilt side of all roll/bun halves. Grill oil side down on bottom rack until toasted and grill marks appear (2 minutes). Assemble the burgers: Place a patty on each roll/bun bottom, topping each with two heaping tablespoons of kimche followed by a heaping tablespoon of the salad accents with almonds. Put top of roll/bun in place and serve immediately.