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Suzanne's Great Turkey Burgers

I am trying to cut fat out of my diet, so turkey burgers are the best way to go. I am allergic to wheat, so I eat these without a bun. I just make these from regular ingredients around the kitchen.


non-stick spray
1 chopped onion (if using grill, sliced instead of chopped)
1 package ground turkey
2 Tablespoons garlic salt
2 tsp. fresh ground pepper
1/2 Cup spicy ketchup
1/2 Cup barbecue sauce
2 Tablespoons spice blend
slices of reduced fat cheddar


Heat a frying pan (or grill) over medium-high heat; spray liberally with cooking spray. Fry onions until somewhat burnt. While onions are cooking, mix other ingredients together thoroughly. Adjust amounts of the ingredients more or less as necessary. The meat should look like it has things in it and not just "plain". Using your hands will work best in mixing. Form small, solid, thin burger patties. Push onions to side of pan. Spray pan with more cooking spray. Place burgers in pan (do not crowd). Cook thoroughly on each side until burgers reach desired doneness. Top with sliced cheddar. Serve on buns if needed, with spinach leaves, sliced tomatoes and reduced-fat mayo. Enjoy!