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Surfer Girl Taro Burger

I discovered Maui Taro Burgers years ago when visiting Hawaii, and have been hooked ever since on the taste of fresh frozen taro. Because taro is low on the glycemic index, the energy they supply lasts for those long days spent playing in the water. The low calorie count also keeps one in bikini shape for the whole summer.


6 Maui Taro Burgers
1 half cup plain yogurt
6 whole wheat buns


Pre-heat grill. Place burgers on grill and cook 4 minutes each side. Just before removing burgers, slice buns and place on gril to toast cut side. Remove buns and burgers. Place a burger on each half of bun. Smooth yogurt on top of each burger. Top with 2ed half of bun and serve.


A simple and fast way to eat healthy and enjoy the delights of summer.