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Surf n' Turf

No more does the burger need to suffer the "low end beef choice" connotation... 95% ground sirloin with lobster claw is just the start of the surf n' turf burger experience, fit for anyone with discerning tastes' table...


95% ground sirloin
fresh ground ginger
pureed garlic
freshly ground lemon pepper
1 egg
chopped portabella mushrooms
precooked lobster salad (prepared)
old bay seasoning
Bernaise Sauce
butter milk


mix ground sirloin with the ground fresh ginger, garlic, lemon pepper, 1 egg, chopped precooked portabella mushrooms. Make 2 patties - the first being a slightly larger on the bottom with a molded out center. The other half will be molded the same but serve as the lid. Mix Old Bay seasoning with the lobster and place 2 - 3 oz's inside the burger. Make the Bernaise sauce with 1/3 the milk called for on the packet..and put one small dollop on top of the lobster and mold the top of the burger with the bottom with the area you pinch around the top side.. coat with as drizzle of butter and sprinkle lightly with lemon pepper. Broil until done to medium. Put into a fresh bun and top with another dollop of Bernaise Sauce. Surf n' Turf Burger...


While this is a rather simple recipe... it is pure decadence. I have photos if you need to see them should I be considered... Finger's crossed!