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Stuffed Smoky Grigio

This recipe is called smoky Grigio because it's made with liquid smoke and Pinot Grigio wine. In the winter months when you can't go outside to use the charcoal grill adding the liquid smoke gives you that smokey flavor whether it's made on a grill or in a frying pan.


1-1 pound of 80% lean Ground chuck
2-1/4 cups of italian seasoned bread crumbs
3-1 teaspoon of season salt 
4-1/2 teaspoon of fresh ground pepper
5-2 Tablespoons of fresh curly parsley
6-1 tablespoon of liquid smoke
7-1/3 cup of Pinot Grigio
8-Fresh Smoked Mozzarella cheese cut in approx 1 inch cubes
9-Boston leaf lettuce
10- Sliced English Muffins


Mix the first 5 ingredients throughly. Add the liquid smoke and Pinot Grigio mixing throughly again. Shape into patties adding a piece of mozerella in the center. Make sure cheese is fully covered by meat. Grill burger on hot charcoal or gas grill until medium well or well. Place burger on English muffins and Top burger with Lettuce


I hope you get a chance to make this burger. Liquid smoke is sometimes hard to find but becoming more popular. It's simple not many ingredients but it's very tasty. It's great in the winter made in a frying pan or an indoor electric grill. The liquid smoke gives you the smoky flavor of the charcoal grill although cooked inside. Thank you