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Stuffed Meatloaf Burgers

Anyone I've made this for, falls in love with it and asks for the recipe. Even my kids love them. They are fast to whip up using a food processor for ingredients that need crushing or chopping.


2 lb-lean ground beef
1/2 cup-ketchup
15-saltine cracker squares, crushed fine
2 tsp-Famous Daves steakburger seasoning
1/2-onion, chopped fine
9-mushrooms, chopped fine or 1 7oz can-mushrooms
1 pkg-pre-cooked bacon, chopped fine
12 slices-American Cheese
6 large-hamburger buns


Mix first five ingredients. Divide meat mixture into twelve equal portions and make a thin pattie out of each section. Lay a slice of cheese on each of six patties (breaking off corners of cheese to make sure they don't protrude out the side of the meat pattie. Mix onion, mushrooms and bacon, place large spoonful on top of cheese, lay a second slice of cheese on top of onion mixture and place second pattie on top of that cheese to make a burger "sandwich". Press sides to seal making sure nothing protrudes through beef. Place on gas grill on high setting to sear both sides (about two minutes per side) raise burgers to upper rack and lower heat to medium and cook until done (20 minutes) turning once, halfway through cooking. Serve on hamburger buns.


cooking time depends alot on how much fat is in the burger.