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spinach artichoke burger

Hi my name is Rachel,and i love food!!! I'm 27, newly married, and I'm a bartender.I've always loved cooking,since i was little and me and my sisters used to pretend that we had a cooking show!(by the way i have 12 brothers and sisters!we are a big blended family!)Enough about me, on to my burger!


1 lb.ground beef
1/2 of a small can cooked spinach(drained)
aproximately 4oz. 1/4 of a can artichoke hearts(drained)
1/2 a packet ranch dressing mix
fresh mozzarella
romaine lettuce
grey poupon
Hot Sauce
butter flavored cooking spray
square bagel bread
makes 4 burgers


drain and dice spinach and artichokes, mix with ground beef. mix in ranch dressing mix. form large round patties and grill them. spray butter spray on bagel squares and lightly toast them on the grill. serve burgers on the bagel squares , with fresh mozzarella slices,lettuce,and spicy mayo. to make spicy mayo use 3 parts mayo, 1 part grey poupon, and 3-4 splashes of hot sauce


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