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Spanish Diablo (Spanish Devil)

Hello my name is Erika and this is my first time entering a grilling contest. I am a mother of 2 and love cooking for my family, church, neighbors and friends.


2 Tbsp of Tequila 1 lime (juiced)
2 ½ lbs of Ground Beef
3 Taco seasoning packs
1 can of sweet corn (drained)
½ cup of chopped onion
½ cup of diced red pepper
1 large Jalapeño pepper (no seeds) diced
Ground black pepper to taste
Dash of salt to taste
6 large flour tortillas (* if tortilla is not considered a bread, use pita bread)
1 bag of shredded cheese (fiesta style)
1 head of lettuce (shredded)
½ cup diced tomatoes
1 container of sour cream
1 container of salsa (mild or hot)


In a small container mix tequila and lime juice together and set aside. In a large bowl mix ground beef, taco seasoning, corn, onion, red pepper and jalapeño pepper, sprinkle with black pepper and salt. Pour Tequila mixture into beef mixture and mix together by hand. Pat out 6 patties and place on a sheet of heavy duty foil ( fold for extra strength) once alcohol has evaporated, remove from foil and place directly on grill. Grill to desired doneness. Remove from grill and set aside. Place pattie in center of tortilla, sprinkle cheese on top of pattie and fold tortilla around pattie, covering entire pattie. Place back on grill and grill until cheese is melted and or tortilla is lightly toasted or charred with grill marks. Remove from grill. Mix sour cream and salsa together. With folded side facing down, make a large slit on the right or left side of tortilla, spread a thick layer of the salsa mixture and stuff with shredded lettuce, more cheese and diced tomato. Cut in half and serve. Serves 6 Prep and grilling time is less than 2.5 hrs