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Southern Comfort Burger

This is my favorite combination of several comfort foods that make up a great southern meal. As a friend of mine says "wear your eating jeans" for this dinner.


1 5 lb bag of red skin boiling potatoes cooked
1 stick of butter (3/4 of the stick melted)
1/2 cup of half and half
8 oz mild cheddar cheese
kosher salt fresh ground pepper
1 pound of chopped portobello mushrooms
4 tbsp Olive oil
3 tbsp Sutter Home Cabernet
1/2 tsp fresh thyme
1/2 tsp fresh oregano
1 package of brown gravy mix
6 Large biscuits (fresh is best ,remember bigger biscuits are better) 1 1/2 pounds 93% lean ground beef
1 block of dried hickory wood soaked for 1 hour in water for the grill


Begin by making the mashed potatoes, peel and mash the potatoes adding 3/4 of the stick of butter melted 8 oz of cheese and the 1/2 and 1/2. Mash until potatoes are smooth with small chunks. Set potatoes to the side. (Potatoes may be made in advanced and reheated on the back of the grill or on my grill on the eye to the side, in a grill friendly pan) Wrap biscuits in heavy tin foil and but on the top rack of the grill to warm up. Heat the grill side burner to low/medium and in a small grill friendly sauté pan put one tbsp of olive oil, Sutter Home cabernet, thyme, oregano,1/4 tsp fresh pepper and chopped Portobello mushrooms. Sauté mushrooms until well cooked approx 4-5 min. Empty contents into a bowl and set to the side. In the same pan make the brown gravy mix. When the gravy mix is complete add the mushroom mixture to the gravy in the pan and keep warm on low. Make six beef patties, but a small pat of butter in the center of each and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Make sure the gas grill rack is clean and wipe down the grate with the remaining olive oil. Place the hickory wood block on the back of the grate away fromt he flames. Heat the grill up on high and then turn down to low/medium when you place the burgers on the grill. For medium/med well burgers, cook burgers for 4 min on one side (do not push down on the burgers or flip before the time is up) then cook for 3 min on the flip side. Take burgers off the grill and place on top of the bottom of the biscuit top with warm cheese mash potatoes and then with mushroom gravy. Top with the top of the biscuit and serve


This is a very hearty down home burger which should satisfy anyone's big apatite. It goes perfectly with sweet tea, mac and cheese, collards and followed with a piece of strawberry short cake or pecan pie.