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S.O.B &Pepper Burger

My family loves the old Italian favorite-Sausage and peppers, but grilling sausage can be very messy, and rather hazardous. This recipe has the great taste of sausage and peppers, with the added bonus of bacon. It's easy, and your grill will not flare up from the grease.


1 1/3 lbs 93% lean ground beef
3 Tbs Pinot Noir-Sutter Home
12oz ground sausage-no casings (*note-I used sweet Italian)
2 whole Roasted red peppers-in water
1/2 medium vidallia onion
1 large garlic clove
1Tbs ketchup
Tin Foil
12 slices Ready serve Bacon
Large Hard Bun (I prefer a Kaiser like roll)


*Place beef in a large mixing bowl-sprinkle with wine-to marinade-5 minutes *add sausage to beef *In a food processor-chop onion,garlic, and red pepper. *add chopped mixture and ketchup to beef. *Mix ingrediants- I use my hands. *divide into 6 patties-place on foil, on the grill. Grill at least 8 minutes per side, on Med/high heat. *After you flip the burgers(first 8 min. of cooking)-cook 2 min. then top each one with 2 slices of bacon. *serve on bun- I found it was moist enough/ and had enough flavor to skip any other toppings.


I use the extra lean ground beef to counter act the added fat of the sausage. I found they worked perfect together. I used the jarred version of red peppers rather than grill them myself. This saves so much time and hassle, which is helpful when you are trying to make a quick meal after work.