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Six Pepper Paradise Burgers

For pepper lovers there is no substitute for the spicy, smokey, zesty taste of peppers. The more the merrier, both fresh peppers and dried, papper asa spice and pepper as a food element. So for the pepper lover here is a paradise of flavor for the summer grill.


1 1/2 lbs ground chuck
1 tsp salt
2 tbsps real hungarian ground paprika
3 tbsps fresh ground black pepper
2 tbsps white greek pepper coarsely ground
1 1/2 tsps coarse kosher salt
2 tsps olive oil
2 large sweet red peppers, cut in strips
2 semi-hot green pepper, hungarian wax, cubanelle or similar, cut into strips.
1 large onion sliced.
1 tbsp chipotle sauce.
1/2 tsp salt.
(1/4 cup of vegetable oil to brush grill with)
1/4 cup virgin olive oil
6 whole wheat or other whole grain buns sliced in half.
6 large green olives stuffed with peppers
6 decorative toothpicks


Mix ground chuck with salt. Knead well and shape into 6 equal sized patties. Mix paprika, black pepper, white pepper and kosher salt. place in a thin layer on a plate and press each side of pre-formed burgers into pepper/salt mixture untill well coated. In sauce pan, saute olive oil, red and green pepper strips and onion slices until soft. Stir in salt and chipotle pepper sauce. Place in bowl and bring burgers and pepper-onion mix to grillside. Brush grill with vegetable oil. Place pepper-coated burgers just off heat and grill until medium well-done. While burgers are grilling, brush olive oil onto the insides of bun halves. Place buns on grill and lightly toast. When burgers and buns are done, place buns on bun bottoms, and top with sauteed peppers and onions. Put bun tops on. Skewer green stuffed olives with pretty toothpicks and insert in the tops of the buns, Serve.


These burgers are planty spicy, so a serving suggestion might include a cool spinach salad with a cucumber and sour cream dressing, and a light fruit salad with chunks of citrus and melon. Sutter Home Zinfandel would be the perfect compliment to this pepper paradise meal.