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Sisters Rockin Rosemary Branch Burgers

My Sister In-Law and Myself are left cooking for our husbands who have aGuitar Manufacturing Bussiness together. Part of their job is "smoozing," clients. Yet often my sister In-law and myself are left cooking for everyone. With not being the best grillers in the world we accidently came upon the best grilling secret ever. Often while grilling burgers or chicken (whatever) we were burning are food while basting and grilling. One day Christy, reached over and snapped off a bunch a branches from our Rosemary bush, placed our burgers on top of the branches and cooked away on a flamming grill, searing the great flavors right in to the burger. Thus our burger started forming.


two pounds Ground Chuuck
one tbl.spoon olive oil
1/4 cup Sutter Homes Zinfandel
2 tsp fresh dill
3tsp gray salt (Nappa Style)
1 tbll. citrus pepper blend
1 tsp rosemary finely chopped
2 oz cheese topping
12 pieces pre-cooked bacon
spicy and sweet mustard
2 avocados- smashed lightly with fork
6 seasame seed rolls
6 slices of asiago cheese
2 cups arugula lettuce leaves


prepare charcoal grill med hot combine chuck , olive oil, zin, 2tsp dill, salt, citrus blend pepper, rosemary, and crumble into small pices chevre cheese, mix together and from patties (six) When grill is ready, cover entire grill with large branches of rosemary place patties directly on top of branches Cover and cook approx. 6 minutes per side at end of cooking top with asiago slices and bacon slices, let melt. Before burgers are finished, preheat rolls in oven, top with mayonnaise, mustard, lettuce, Take burgers off grill and place on buns. Enjoy


When taking burgers off of grill some rosemary braches stick to burger and you may have to pull out a few stems, but leave crunchy leaves