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Simply Satisfying Pretzel Burgers

The unique taste of pretzels and the balsamic vinegar brings out and enhances a great, beefy taste to these burgers. Also, a benefit of the pretzel ingredient is a remarkable moistness that you want in a burger no matter how they are prepared (grilled or pan sauteed).


1 LB.Ground Sirlon or Round of Beef
3 Large Old Fashioned Pretzels or Sour dough Pretzels per pound of ground meat. Ground into a Pretzel flour with a food processor.
1 Table spoon of a good Balsamic Vinegar
1 Table spoon of onion powder
Fresh ground pepper to taste
2 Medium Kaiser Rolls
Garnish With As Follows
3 Leafs of Romaine Lettuce with main vein removed
1 Sliced Kosher Pickle
1 Grilled and sliced Vandilian Onion
1 Vine Riped Tomato sliced


In a food processor grind up 3 Snyder Pretzels per pound of meat into a flour consistency. Mix all dry ingrendents with the ground meat Add 1 table spoon of Balaamic Vinegar to the mixed ground meat. form into pattys Grill pattys to medium or 170 degrees with a meat thetmometer Cut onion in half and grill onion on grill until tender and then slice. Assemble pattys on kaiser roll, garish with Romaine Lettuce,sliced kosher pickle,tomato,grilled onion and mustard. Enjoy


I have tested out this recipe with many familiy members and coworkers and it leaves them coming back for more and asking me my secret. I tell them that my secret is simple. So, that is why I call them "Simply Satisfying Pretzel Burgers". You'll be a fan too!