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this is recipe made after years of trying to make a better burger


ground sirlon,
worcestershine sauce,
teriyaki& barbecue sauce
bread crumb (herb)
Italtion seasoning
& creole seasoning


mix 1 lb beef with worcestershine 1/2tp 1table sp of teriyaki. 1 table sp of barbecue sauce, 1 egg, 1 table sp of bread crumb Italtian seasoning, 1/2 tea sp creole seasoning, 1/4tea sp. mix all together, form into 2 patties. cook to desire M or Well done!


the reason that we call it our secret is that we add as much ingredents as we have people. This is for 2 they may not taste as good when u make them, But when we come to the cook off they will be a winner!