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Seattle BBQ Cheese

Classic Cheese burger with BBQ sauce, grilled onion & avocado simple....


Ground chuck,
bbq sauce, (home made)
Walla Walla sweet onion grilled and carmelized,
fresh avocado sliced,
mustard to taste


Prep meat, ground chuck, with salt & peper, let it rest in fridge, grill onion, slightly burn edges but mostly carmelized and sweet, keep warm on side of grill, grill burgers on hot grill, 4 to 5 min per side, top with BBQ sauce, only turn burger once. when done top with BBQ sauce one more time and add cheese, let rest on 'cool' side of grill for cheese to melt. toast bun quickly, a dab of BBQ sauce, mustard & mayo, add onion and avocado. yumm


being in the northwest can limit grilling outside but we still cook out 100 nights a year, rain or shine so it better be good. JT