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Savory Beef and Pancetta Burger

I came up with these burgers after my future husband made me a delicious bolognese sauce that has been in his family for generations. When i heard about the Sutter Home burger contest, I thought the delicious flavor of the different meats would make a great burger. I tried it out on him one night and it was delicious. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


1/8 lbs. Pancetta Americana (thinly sliced)
3/4 lbs. 93% Ground Beef
1/8 lbs. Ground Pork
1 Teaspoon Salt
1 Tbls. fresh ground pepper
1 Tbls. onion powder
4 Toasted Kaiser Rolls
1 Tbls. Mayonaise
1 Tbls. Ketchup
8 slices of white chedder cheese
1/4 lbs. Arugala
2 Vine Ripe Tomatoes
2 Tbls. vegetable oil (For non-stick)


Pre-heat grill to medium flame or medium high for gas grill. To make the patties,in food processor pulse pancetta until well ground (about five pulses).Then mix pancetta together with beef and pork in large bowl. Add salt, Pepper and onion powder and mix with hands just until spices are well blended in with the meat. Do not over mix. Form meat into four equal patties. brush gril with oil and place on grill. Cook burgers about four minutes on first side or until burger is nicley crusted on one side, then flip. While burgers are cooking on first side, slice and toast rolls. Remove from grill when there are light grill marks. On bottom half of roll spread the mayonaise and spread ketchup on top half. After about three minutes or temperature of burger reaches about 125 degrees, add 2 slices of cheese on each of the burgers. Close lid to melt for additional 1-2 minutes. Remove burger from grill and place on the half of roll with mayonaise. Top with two slices of tomato and 5 or 6 arugala leaves. This recipe serves 4 people.