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Salsa Burger

This is my version of a great meat and salsa burger. I love all the flavors of salsa and think it works well inside this burger without all the mess on top.


2 Lbs. ground chuck
1 sweet white onion
1 can smoked fire tomatoes
2 fresh jalapeno's
2 bunches of cilantrio
2 head's of Romaine lettuce
Small jar mayonnaise
1/4 tbsp each Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper
6 thick slices of PepperJack cheese
6 Kaiser rolls


1. Finely chop onion 2. finley chop pepper removing center 3. open can of tomatoes, keeping sauce and chop tomatoes 4. finley chop cilantrio and place into 2 piles 5. in large bowl all all above ingredients (reserve one pile of cilantrio, along with the ground chuck,salt and pepper, mix until blended, don't overmix 6. makes 6 large patties and place on heated grill to cook 7. while meat is cooking blend mayo and reserved cilantrio and place in refrigerator 8. toast kaiser rolls before slicing to make outside krispy and inside stays soft. 9. When burgers are finished, place cheese slice on burger and remove to plate, cover with foil for about 5 minutes to melt cheese and so juice of meat and swim around, slice rolls, place mayo on rolls with a nice piece of romaine lettuce place burger and ENJOY!!


I love burgers. In August of 2005, I had a gastric bypass and had to find ways for me to eat protein. Ground meats seemed to work the best for me so I came up with lots of different flavors. I hope you enjoy this as much as I and my family does. Pamela