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Radarmann Burgers

my love of a GREAT burger and trying to make one better.


36 ounces 75% lean ground beef,

3-T Worcester sauce,

1-t lite salt,

2-t coarse ground Black Pepper,

1-t Paprika,

6-cubes (1"x1\8") unsalted butter,

6-seeded Hamburger Buns,

6-ounces Hellman's Mayonnaise,

6-ounces Dijon Mustard,

6-1\8" slices Vidalia Onions,

6-slices Iceberg Lettuce,

6-slices Tomato (your choice),

18- Banana Pepper slices(optional).


My recipe was prepared on a Big Green Egg Grill.

Using freshly washed hands, mix ground beef, salt, pepper, Worcester Sauce & Paprika in a large plastic bowl. Form 6 (6oz.) patties. Use thumb and make indentation in middle of each burger and press in butter. Cook on medium high approximately 5-6 minutes each side after brazing initially ( cooking over flame 1 minute initially and then moving off flame for remaining cook time). This produces a seared exterior with a juicy interior. Toast buns on grill lightly while burgers are cooking. This will produce (6)-5oz. burgers. Each bun top spread 1oz. mayo, each bottom 1oz. mustard. place 1 lettuce leaf on bottom followed by slice onion, burger, Banana Peppers (3 slices each), and tomatoes. Then place top bun and sit back with your favorite cold beverage and enjoy.


This recipe will work on any type grill, I just prefer the Green Egg with natural Mesquite wood chips.