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Quesidilla Hamburger

My friends and I managed to get the nicest dormroom on campus for this summer. It has it's own full, albeit cramped, kitchen and came stocked with food and cooking equipment. We found an electric griddle in one of the cabinets and we love it. We made tacos out of left over brisket one night, and to do so, we bought a 100-pack of corn tortillas to keep the unit price down. The freezer in the room had several boxes of raw hamburger patties. Sicne we have so much of each, I started thinking about the best way to use tortillas and hamburger patties together. I considered just making tacos, but when I looked at the burgers, I realized that they were almost perfectly the same size as the tortillas. So I decided to leave the burgers whole and make quesadillas. Since the ingredients all have such subtle flavors, seasoning the meat overpowers them, so this recipe contains only the 4 necessary ingredients


1 pound ground lean beef
1 pound finely shredded mozzerella cheese 8
white corn tortilla
1 ripe haas avacado


Shape the meat into four 1/4 inch thick 5-6inch diameter patties. Halve, de-pit and peel skin away from avocado and slice into thin slices Place a non-stick griddle on grill. Place burgers on griddle and cook until juices just begin to pool on top of the burgers. Flip burgers onto different area of griddle to get griddle greased. Move burgers to grill, with mostly cooked side down. Grill about a minute, flip. Once burgers are flipped, Place tortillas on griddle making sure each gets some of the beef juices to keep them moist. Put 2oz. of cheese on each tortilla Juices should pool on burger about the same time the cheese melts. Flip the burger one last time so the pooled juices come off, and immediately move burgers onto tortillas. Put another tortilla (cheese side down) onto each burger and move to grill. Press for 20 seconds. Flip and press 20 more seconds. Cut into quarters and place avocado slices on each piece.


Pairs well with Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Grigio