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Portapole juice burger

My name is Stephen and I have been cooking since I was 10 years old. The first time I saw Julia Childs on the TV I knew I wanted to something connected with food. I am currently a meat manager for a grocery store chain. As our slogan states, "I know meat".


one pound 85% Certified Angus Ground Beef
2 oz shredded american cheese
1 tbl steak seasoning
1 tbl worcester sauce


Mix ingredients well. Hamburger must be lightly packed. Begin with a very hot grill to sear the outside of burger on both sides. When cooking do not press burgers with spatula (you will loose juice) Also try not to flip burgers more than once (except for searing process) Use meat thermometer for best results. Internal temp. of 140 degrees will give medium rare.


Grilling will give the best flavor to this burger. (Brazilian style charcoal will give the best flavor) Gas grill will work but if you want a smokey taste just add a tsp of liquid smoke.