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Polska Burger

These burgers combine key ingredients in Polish cooking, kielbasa, bacon, cabbage, onion, wine, and cheese for a very unique hearty Burger. "Polska" is the native translation of the word "Polish".


1/4 cup Colavita Olive Oil for Grill.
1/2 lb kielbasa
2 1/2 lbs ground chuck
1/2 cup Sutter Home Cabernet
1 lb unseasoned bacon
1 med head green cabbage
1 med red onion
6 slices sharp cheddar
6 onion buns


Brush grill using 1/4 Colavita olive oil. Grill Kielbasa for 10 minutes until done. (Do not char). Mince Kielbasa in food processor. Add minced Kielbasa, ground chuck and 1/2 cup Sutter Home Cabernet into bowl. Mix well. Form 6 patties. Place patties on grill. Grill until 160 degress. (About 9 minutes each side-flipping only once). While patties are cooking, in iron skillet, fry 1 lb unseasoned bacon. Cook until red, but not blackened. Remove with slotted spoon and then crumble once cooled. Shred 1 medium head of green cabbage. Dice the red onion. Add the cabbage and diced onion to the bacon oil in the skillet. Cook until soft. (about 15 minutes) Remove when soft and place in second sterile bowl. Add the already cooked and crumbled bacon. Place cheddar cheese slice on each pattie. Lightly press the onion buns into the skillet to slightly flavor and dampen. Toast the onion buns, (both inside halves), for approximately 1 minute each using indirect heat. Place patties on bottom onion bun half. Spoon cabbage onion bacon mixture on top of cheese topped pattie. Top with top hald onion bun. Enjoy your Polska burger.