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Pete's Best Backyard Burgers

This is the best flavored beef burger that you can make because we start with the best flavored beef and charcoal grill it.


4 pounds lean choice chuck
1 pound flank steak with the cod fat remaining (not stripped or 50/50 fat to lean)
1 tablespoon salt
1 table spoon Worcestershire sauce.
1 cup of chopped ice.


Cut chuck and flank steak into 1/2 inch cubes. Mix in a large bowl with ice and salt. Grind in hand meat grinder with a 1/8 in plate. Make into patties 3/4 inch thick and 5 inch diameter. Cook on charcoal grill when coals have turned to a white ash. Spray "Pam" or bursh vegetable oil on the gill surface. Sear each side of the pattie on a very hot grill and then raise the grill and cook slower till desired temperature. Cooking to a medium rare tempurature will maximize the flavors.


The flank steak should have sufficient amount of fat on it to yield approximalty 80% lean and 20% fat to the meat mixture. You may have to order the flank stake special from you butcher to get the cod fat still on it. Most come as stripping steak.