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Pecan Crusted Tilapia Burger with Honey Mustard Tartar Sauce


2 - Eggs
¼ Cup - Milk
1 ½ Cups – Pecans, ground finely
¾ Cup – Yellow Corn Meal
1 ½ Tsp – Lemon Pepper
1 Tsp – Salt
2 Tsp – Garlic Powder, divided
1 Cup - Flour
12 each - Tilapia Filets
3 Tsp – Vegetable Oil, for coating grill
¼ Cup – Red Onion, Chopped fine
½ Cup – Salad Dressing
½ Cup – Honey Mustard Dressing
3 Tbsp – Pickle Relish
1 Tsp – Lemon Juice
6 – Onion Rolls


Preheat grill to medium heat (about 350 degrees) In a flat bowl, blend eggs and milk. In medium bowl mix ground pecans, corn meal, Lemon Pepper, Salt, and ½ of garlic powder. In a third flat bowl, pour flour. Coat the Tilapia Filets with four. Dredge in egg – milk mixture, and finely coat thoroughly with Pecan-corn meal mixture. Oil the grill. Place coated filets on grill. Cook 4 minutes then flip. Cook an additional 4 minutes and remove. Mix the Red Onion, Salad Dressing, Homey Mustard Dressing, Pickle Relish, Lemon Juice, and remaining Garlic Powder in bowl. Place Onion Rolls, open face down, on grill until warmed and lightly browned. Remove. Place 1 Tsp of Honey Mustard Tartar Sauce on bottom bun. Place 2 Pecan Crusted Tilapia Filets on bottom bun and top with a second teaspoon of Honey Mustard Tartar Sauce and top bun.