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My Brenda Burger

This is a recipe I created in honor of a southern friend of mine now planted in the Northwest, she and my husband can eat these in any version any day!!


Ground Beef Grated
1 tbs. ranch dressing dry mix
2 beef boulion cubes
black pepper
dijion mustard
sour cream
green pepper corns
jarred okra
Sour dough bun
shredded lettuce
sliced tomatoes
sliced bacon
green onions


grate onion and add to ground beef, add ranch dressing mix, one egg add boullion cubes and pepper Make the horsradish mousse Add horsradish,dijion mustard sour cream and chopped pickled okra Grill burgers, place on bun smoother with mousse, add shredded lettuce, tomato, a few green onions, bacon slices and enjoy!!


This is simple and also very good on hard roll and dipped into a beef broth, omit the tomato and lettuce and do not add boullion to the meat mixture.