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Mikies Big Mouth Burgers

Our Motto is " No one leaves hungry" Mike makes a stuffed burger that few can finish. Most choose to split one but they are beyond yummy. Our friends always ask for the recipe but none can duplicate the Mikie big mouth burger.


2 lbs lean ground beef
bacon white onion (chopped)
mushrooms (chopped)
Olives (chopped)
bacon (diced)
Olive oil
grated cheddar and jack cheese
garlic powder (seasoning) optional
Large hamburger buns
Sliced sharp Cheddar
pickles as desired
Makes 2 stuffed patties


form the patties by hand 4 1/2 lb patties. make a in-dent in the center (for stuffing) heat olive oil in frying pan saute the bacon add onions for 2 minutes add mushrooms and olives let cool add cheese. place a spoonfull of stuffing in the center of a patty take a 2nd patty and place it on top and seal the edges to form 1 large patty repeat grill the hamburgers (either BBQ or stovetop) serve the garnish as desired


Not many (if any) salads or vegies are needed to complete this meal Serve with a chilled white wine and good company and let the laughther and good times begin.