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Mighty Miti

This recipe is based on a recipe for miti te (a Romanian grilled meatball) given to me by an in-law, who was born and raised in Romania, which explains the heavy influence of garlic. The meat comes out, for lack of a better term, fluffy. The combination of the garlic, grilled onions, coriander, and sharp cheese, really gives this burger an intense and satisfying flavor.


1.5 lbs ground sirloin
0.5 lbs ground lamb
1/2 tsp baking soda
3 Tbsp seltzer water
10 cloves garlic grated on a micro-plane
4 Tbsp ground coriander
2 tsp salt
crumbled Stilton, crumbled chive cotswald (1/4 lb each) sauted/grilled onions
small sourdough rolls (6)
2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil.


Combine the lamb, beef, salt, and olive oil with your hands (set aside a small amount of olive oil to grease your hands with). Combine the baking soda and coriander. Add the baking soda, coriander, garlic, and seltzer water to the meat and mix with hands. Rub remaining olive oil on hands and form 6 football shaped paties. Make an indentation in each paty the size of your index finger. Grill over high heat for two minutes, dent side down. Turn over, put the cheese into the indentation, and grill until the meat puffs out and the cheese is well melted. Split the rolls and lightly toast the inside on the grill. Serve the burgers with the grilled onions on the roll. Serve with a dipping sauce of salt water and crushed garlic.


The burgers are grilled over high heat, so care must be taken that they don't burn. They will brown easily, and a little black is o.k. Also, they are best served as hot as possible.