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Lean Angus Supreme

Always on the go, I wanted to create a burger that my grandchildren would remember as being more tasty than that clown, king or bubbleheads'. This recipe serves four, as we like our burgers big.


Non stick spray-Olive Oil
2 California avocados-mashed
2 plum tomatoes-cored,seeded and diced
2 slices of red onion-chopped
Juice of one half lemon
1 tablespoons of Salad Supreme seasoning
1 and 1/2 pound of Choice Angus Ground Sirloin 90%lean
3 tablespoons of Salad Supreme seasoning
8 slices of Monterey Jack cheese
4 sesame seed buns


Preheat grill on low for ten to fifteen minutes. Spray grill rack lightly with olive oil non-stick spray. While grill preheats, peel and mash your avocado with diced tomatoes.Chop the two slices of red onion and add to mixture. Add tablespoon of seasoning and juice of one half lemon. Mix well.Cover tightly and refrigerate. Mix ground sirloin with three tablespoons of seasoning mix. After mixing seasoning in ground sirloin, form into patties to fit bun. Due to the lean mix of sirloin, you will experience very little shrinkage of burger size. Put burgers on grill.Cook 5 minutes and turn burger 45 degrees to make that crisscross mark on pattie. Cook five more minutes on this same side and then turn over. Cook additional five minutes or until meat thermometer reads 160 degrees when inserted into burger. Turn the 45 degrees to get your marking. Add two slices of cheese per burger and remove them from grill. Place burger on bun , add avocado mixture and enjoy.


A cold lemonade goes well with this for the kids and a Sutter Home Merlot makes a great drink for the adults who are ready to park their car in my fast food line.