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Lamb Lover's Delight

This burger was made because I love lamb and am always looking for wonderful ways to increase my protein intake, as well as flavor intake. I have made this burger several times and they always come out moist, savory and delicious. I hope you find it easy and enjoy it as much as I and my family do. Pamela


2lbs.....Ground lamb
1/8 cup..Sutter Home Merlot
handful...fresh sage
handfull..fresh mint
2 shallots
1 tbsp kosher salt
20 turns fresh black pepper
1/2 tbsp fresh nutmeg
1/4 Mayonaise
Head of Romain lettuce
Kaiser Rolls


1. Chop shallots fine, place to side. 2. Chop sage and mint, place to side. 3. Place lamb, wine, chopped shallots, black pepper, salt and nutmeg into bowl and mix. 4. Add 1/2 the mint and sage to mixture, reserving other half for the mayonaise. 5. Form meat into nice large burgers 6. Heat grill and place a small amount of oil in so there is no sticking. Grill burgers on each side until done. 7. While burgers are cooking make your infused mayonaise, place reserved mint and sage into a bowl and add mayonaise, mixx well and set aside. 8. Toast rolls, when golden place some of the mayonaise mixture on with a piece of romain lettuce, top with finished burger and ENJOY!!


This is a wonderful and beautiful burger. The taste is as good as the aroma, ENJOY.....