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Key West Sunset Burger

Living in the Keys was a wonderful time for us.
The Sunsets in the Keys are incredible! It is the best time of the day.! So I created a burger that I felt was as Incredible as the Keys Sunsets!! Hope you enjoy the flavors for a end of the day meal right off the grill.!!
A burger with a little spice and sweetness!


2 lb. ground beef
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
1/4 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 tsp. Tabasco sauce
6 large portobello mushrooms
2 Tbs. olive oil
2 plum tomatoes, sliced
6 green onions cut in half
6 slices of pepper jack cheese
6 slices of sharp cheddar cheese
4 cups shredded red cabbage
1 cup shredded carrots
1cup sliced thin mango
1/2 cup poppy seed dressing
1Tsp. Lime juice

6 buns


Prepare a medium fire in a charcoal grill, or preheat a gas grill on medium heat;

mix together;shreddedcabbage,carrotts,mango,poppyseed dressing,lime juice. cover and chill.

In bowl, combine mushrooms,green onion, olive oil ,salt and pepper. spread vegetables onto a grill griddle or grill basket.
Cook, stirring, until tender, 10-12 minutes. Add tomatoes; cook, stir 3-5 minutes; Set aside in a bowl.

Create your burgers: Divide the ground beef into 6 equal formed patties. Season with salt, pepper and garlic powder, and Tabasco sauce.
When the grill is heated; spray with Pam grill oil or brush grill rack with olive oil.

Place the patties on the heated grill rack, grill 3-4minutes
turn over and grill 3-4 minutes or until to your liking. Place 1 slice of each cheese on each Pattie grill until melted. Remove onto plate.

Place burgers onto bottom bun add grilled mushroom,onion and slaw and top bun.


Makes 6 burgers.

Serve with Key Lime pie for dessert!!!!