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Kate's Ultimate Salsa Burger

I have a real passion for cooking, I am always baking and experimenting with alternate ingredience such as applesause, I do this primarily because I'm diabetic, and it's better for myself and family. This recipe is an original, and has gotten rave reviews from my family, friends, and even the neighbor kids that are always running through the house; and who always seem to be "starving"! My fondest wish is to go to culinary school, but because I'm a Stay at Home mom, and therefore we only have My Husband's income, that dream seems very distant and unlikely. My 13 year old daughter just told me today that I was as good a chef as Emeril, so we will see!


Press 1/4 lb. ball of ground sirloin into a disc, (I use a sandwich plate, the raised circle on the bottom makes very nice patties.)They should be about 1/4 inch thick.
Spread patty with 1tsp. of steak sauce, season with salt, (kosher)
fresh ground pepper, garlic powder.
Place burgers in-between waxed paper, and put in fridge until ready to grill.

6 ripe roma tomatoes
2 lg. garlic cloves, minced
2T. fresh cilantro, corsely chopped
1 fresh japaleno, seaded, and minced
juice of one lime, plus zest
1 sm Vidalia onion, minced
kosher salt
fresh ground pepper
this will make approx. 1 pint of salsa



Butter and grill kaiser rolls until golden brown, set aside. Grill burgers to desired doneness, place a slice of pepper-jack cheese on burger, place tinfoil tent over them and set aside.
TO ASSEMBLE- put your prefered condoments on burger. place a large spoonful of the salsa ontop of the cheese, a nice pile of iceburg lettus and dig in!! A little slice of avocado is wonderful with this burger too. I usually will make some homemade tortilla chips with this burger as a side Don't forget a nice glass of Sutterhome Merlot, it pairs very nicely with the spice of the burgers


I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we have. Hey I might even give you my secret recipe for the world's best Guacamole burgers, but you would have to choose me as a finalist to get it, sooooo you make the call! See you soon in Napa!!:)