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judys burge

hi my name is judy my burger is the best burger i know of


one pound ground chuck
two eggs
one fourth cup dry bread crumbs
one teaspoon garlic power
two tablespoons of just the powder from onion soup mix
two tablespoons semisweet chocolate
two tablespoons evaporated milk
one onion
four tablespoons mayo
two teaspoons grey poupon
three tablespoons sutter homes
two table spoon butter
cheese chedder 4 slices
bacon eight slices
four hamburger buns


mix first seven ingrediends together make into four patties cook in pan with spary chedder cheese on each patty. cook onion in sutter home and one tablespoon butter until soft spred one tablespoon butter on four bun and toast. mix mayo and gray poupon together spred on bun place tow bacon slices on each burger.put lettce and hamburger patty on buns and eat


I hope you enjoy my burger everyone loves my judy burger they can not believe it when i tell them there's chocolate in it