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Jimmy's Recipe Burger

This burger originated @ the Lake when we had a guest that had some burgers she brought for a youth function and we needed to make a lot of burgers. Her's were so moist and tasty. She gave us the recipe that we have altered ever so slightly


3# of Ground beef
1- Egg
1 cup of crushed ritz crackers
1 cup of apple sauce
1- TBS - worchestchire sauce
1 - pkg onion soup mix
1 tsp of garlic salt
salt and pepper to taste


mix all together and form into patties. Place pattied burgers on freezer wrap and place in freezer until frozen. You can now place in gallon zip-loc bag and take out as many as you need to grill. Grill as you would any hamburger and garnish with your own condiments.


These burgers are the moist burgers I've ever eaten and are also good reheated.