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Jenn's French Infused Stuffed Brie Chicken Burgers. I love Chicken Burgers, and always try to add new twists. My name is Jennifer. I am 34. I do not live in NY, but it is the closest state to me. I live in northern Ontario, Canada. Please accept my submission, as I would really love to be considered for this contest. I have been watching the Food Network for 10 years. I also read Everday With Rachel Ray, where I found your contest. I am by no means a master in the kitchen, but I am a good cook, and enjoy being creative.


Makes 4 Large Burgers....
2 lbs ground chicken
3 cloves finely chopped garlic
4 green onions finely chopped both green and white sections.
1/4 cup of finely chopped up day old french bread.
3 tblsp of melted butter
1 tblsp of kosher salt
1 tblsp of cracked black pepper
2 tblsp of dried Herbs de Provence
2 tblsp of freshly chopped flat leaf parsley
5 dashes of worcestershire sauce
4 1 inch cubes of soft Brie
4 large onion buns
4 large leaves of Bosten Bib lettue
4 large slices of beef steak tomato
1/4 cup real mayonaise 
3 oz of cooked off bacon


Break up Chiken in a large mixing bowl. Add chopped garlic, green onion, bread crumbs, melted butter, salt and pepper, herbs, parsley and worchestershire sauce. Mix up with hands until combine, do not over mix, chicken is delicate. Divide mixture into 4 sections. These burgers will be large. Pick up a section, and slightly flatten in your hand. Place a peice of brie in the center, and form the patty around it. Make it into a large ball/patty shape. This will ensure the cheese does not escape when grilling. Do the same with the remaining sections. Place each patty on a slightly oiled, medium temperatured grill. Grill for 15-20 mins. Only turn each side twice. When finished grilling, let rest on a plate for 5 mins. Meanwhile, grill onion buns on grill to lightly toast them. Take off the grill, place on a plate, and put a patty on the bottom portion of bun. Mix up Mayonaise and bacon in a bowl. Add the mayo mixture, 1 tblsp, to the top of the bun. Place a leaf of the lettuce, and a slice of the tomato on top of the patty. Close portions of bun together.


These burgers can be delicate, so take your time when handling, and grilling them. I usually serve them with a mesulin greens salad, wuth cucumbers and black olives with a vinagrette dressing. Enjoy. Sincerely, Jennifer The Canadian!