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Jayne's Bacon-bacon-tripleburger

This is what my mother likes to eat when she graces us with her presence at our cookouts. We try to keep her out, but she smells the burgers cooking from accross the Hudson River.


Kaiser rolls
Jalapino pepper cheese
blue cheese
Canadian Bacon Bacon
Grilled onions
Half sour pickle slices
BBQ sauce


Take 1/2 lb of hamburger, form three equal patties and grill. Toast the kaiser roll. Place one patty on the bottom of the kaiser roll, top with jalapino pepper cheese and a slice of Canadian bacon. Place the second pattie on top with some Maytag blue cheese and three slices of bacon. Top with the third patty with the grilled onions, guacamole and half sour pickle slices. Slather with BBQ sauce and top with the top of the kaiser roll. Wrap yourself in a sheet to keep from getting messy. EAT!


My mother really can't smell them from accross the Hudson River, but she sure does eat alot of them..........